Our Story


Diamond Cross Ranch is a historical family-owned ranch in Jackson Hole. Ranch proprietor and horse trainer Grant Golliher uses natural horsemanship (also referred to as “horse whispering”) to help troubled horses work through their trauma and fears.

10% of profits from apparel sales go towards this program. On behalf of all of us at Diamond Cross Ranch, thank you for your support!

At Diamond Cross Ranch we believe that horse whispering is about building trust and inspiring confidence. Our horse whispering methods are based on techniques derived from observation of free-roaming horses and rejecting abusive training methods. The important thing about this is you don’t restrain the horse; you don’t take away their freedom to make choices.

Grant Golliher

People bring their horses from all over the West for us to help.

We also visit “kill pens” and purchase horses that people have given up on. Often these horses are on their way to be put down, and we are their last hope.

Once a horse has been helped, the team at Diamond Cross works to ensure that it is placed in a good home where it can enjoy a long & happy life.

Ziggy was a beautiful Palomino (yellow horse) that Grant worked with during summer 2019. When Ziggy arrived on the ranch he suffered from severe anxiety, and bucked each time he was saddled. He is now owned by an outdoorsman who takes Ziggy for long rides up and down hills; the daily exercise is a wonderful way for a lively horse like Ziggy to burn off his energy and feel a sense of purpose.

Velvet was a lovely black mare that we helped during summer 2020. When she arrived at the ranch she had never been ridden, even though she was three years old and should have been trained when she was young. Velvet was very pushy and she bucked - she was not mean spirited, but she was dangerous. We spent several weeks gentling her, and when she left the ranch she was a wonderful horse that almost anyone could ride. She is now owned by Chris, a lifelong cowgirl—with bad knees and hips from a lifetime in the saddle—Chris considers Velvet her four-legged child.

We have spent much of our lives working to help horses. But the truth is, horses have been the ones helping us…

“When looking in the mirror was not enough, horses reflected my actions in ways that helped me see myself as I was, not as I pretended or hoped to be,” says Grant Golliher. “Horses, I learned, cannot lie.”

Thank you for your support.
May you be blessed and unstoppable.